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One Design Composites has taken on the Production of the Harbor 20, Carbon 32 and various Special Project . One Design Composites was started with the goal to streamline construction and processes needed to produce high-quality consistent products in today’s competitive marine market.

Vince Valdes of Columbia Yachts has been brought on board to manage the day to day production and sales


The Harbor 20 is a well-established, growing, one design class boat. It’s a popular club racer with active fleets from coast to coast.

In December 2017, One Design Composites signed a contract to build and sell the Harbor 20 for WD Schock. In January 2018, One Design Composites started production Harbor 20. The first boat was completed and delivered in March 2018. One Design Composites is continuing production on additional Harbor 20 Yachts.

Because One Design Composites is as a national distributor and builder of the Harbor 20, you can buy directly from One Design Composites and receive frequent updates on your boat progress; even watch your boat being built. We will deliver your Harbor 20 within eight weeks from the start of production.

Interested in a new Harbor 20? Check out our Harbor 20 Pricing and Q & A Page

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The Carbon 32 is a high performance, carbon fiber race boat for the experienced sailor. It’s a versatile buoy/club racer and also excels in offshore distance racing. The Carbon 32 is proven race winner, most recently placing 1st in Class A in the 2018 Miami / Havana Race.

In December 2017, One Design Composites signed a contract to purchase the molds and equipment required to produce the Carbon 32 Sailboat from Columbia Yachts. One Design Composites is in the exclusive builder and representative of the Carbon 32.

In an arrangement with Oakcliff Sailing of Oyster Bay, NY, One Design Composites has taken possession of the C32 “Weegie”.  One Design Composites and Oakcliff Sailing will be working together to promote Oakcliff Sailing’s commitment to educating sailors, by providing opportunities to sail “Weegie” on the West Coast starting this July.  Stay tuned on the Carbon 32 Blog to see updates and progress on the Carbon 32.

Interested in the Carbon 32, check out the information on Carbon 32 , give us a call at 833-420-2628 or email us at


One Design Composites prides itself on its vision, diversity and attention to detail that we give all of our special projects from a hull repaint to a full restoration. The proof is in the before and after results.

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