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In 2012 Enviro-Holdings, LLC, a Florida Corporation, started business with the objective to provide consulting and business building services to targeted industries.

In Fall of 2017, Enviro-Holdings started consulting with Columbia Yachts.  The initial goal was to provide a new direction for Columbia and broaden its scope of business.  After several meetings and different plans, Enviro- Holdings negotiated the purchase of certain assets of Columbia Yachts.  Columbia’s owner, Vince Valdes, has agreed to consult and to provide sales support for Enviro-Holdings.

Enviro-Holdings, LLC , objectives, ( DBA One Design Composites), are focused on contract building for marine companies, building the Carbon 32, and taking on the selected custom marine projects in our core strengths.

In December 2018, Enviro-Holdings, LLC, secured a multi-year contract with WD Schock to build the Harbor 20 Yacht. OD Comp continues its efforts to bring on addition clients like WD Schock, to expand our marine manufacturing portfolio.

OD Comp strives to provide streamline construction methods and processes needed to produce high quality, consistent products in today’s competitive marine market.